We make travel and career DEVELOPMENT happen at the same time. Curious how?

TAP takes the pain out of remote work
while at the same time boosting your skills, network, and KNOWLEDGE.



What Is TAP?

TAP is an international professional development remote working travel program designed specifically for rising talent.

Do I Need To Already Be Working Remotely To Participate In TAP Programs?

Nope, you just need to be in a job that can be done remotely. In today’s world, that is almost every job that doesn’t involve the need for physical contact (like a doctor).

What Kind Of People Participate In TAP Programs?

TAP is only for motivated career focused individuals who want to prepare themselves to be leaders within their organization. Our participants are destined for the C-Suite.

If Accepted, Will You Help Me Talk To My Employer?

We sure will. We know it’s hard to introduce something new to your organization. We’ll give you a set of materials that help you frame the conversation and we can even have a TAP Business Rep hop on the phone with you and your manager to explain the process, we take this very seriously (you might even get a member of our C-Suite :)).


Do I Keep Working For My Current Employer?

Yes. You and your employer will outline their expectations for you prior to paying your deposit. You’ll keep working for your current employer remotely while you travel with TAP.

Who Is Paying Me While I’m With TAP?

You’ll still be working for your employer while traveling so they will continue to pay you.

How Does The Time Change Work?

This is different from person to person. Some participants work out an assignment based agreement with their managers where they have a set of tasks to finish by a certain date and they are free to work on it when they like. Other participants keep working on their home office’s hours, sometimes it can make for an odd sleep schedule, but having the entire day free is pretty cool.

Where Will I Be Working From?

You’ll have access to reputable coworking spaces in each location as well as high speed internet access in your accommodations. That doesn’t mean you have to stay there, feel free to go explore! The world is your oyster.

PROFESSIONAL development

Will I Get To Meet Some Of The Speakers?

Of course! There will be Q and A sessions and there’s always the opportunity for a little hustle on your part. The speakers are there for YOU. That being said, no one is going to force you to talk to them, so pep up, and introduce yourself.

Are Professional Development Events Mandatory?

From our end, none of the events are mandatory. The TAP events are set up as a buffet style - it is up to you to pick and choose the events you want to go to. With that being said, our participants are highly motivated, and make the effort to attend every event. The more you put into this experience, the more you’ll get out.

Can you help me network?

ABSOLUTELY! Half the fun of traveling with TAP is meeting new people and sharing exhilarating experiences. You'll be traveling with some of the best and brightest from around the world, meeting speakers and chatting with business leaders. Also, as a part of the TAP family, we're always happy to tap into our network to get you in touch with the right people. We love putting good people in contact with each other!

application and cost

What Is The Application Process?

Click here to apply. If you’re a good fit, we will contact you for a video conference interview. Once you’re accepted, pack your bags, sort your visas and get ready for the trip of a LIFETIME!!

What Makes A Strong Candidate?

We are looking for smart motivated professionals who are hungry to learn the skills that will make them great leaders. We’re looking for open minded globally curious individuals who are willing to put in the effort go get the most out of this incredible experience.

How Much Does TAP Cost?

Monthly Attendance: $4995 
Seat Deposit: $1300

How Much Spending Money Do People Bring?

Depends on your tastes. If you want to be in a club every night you’ll need to bring more than if you’re happy exploring the local market and having a meal in the park. That’s the beauty of travel, you can make it exactly what you want it to be. Two people can be in the same place for the same amount of time and have completely different experiences. IT’S UP TO YOU!


How Will I Make Friends?

You’ll be traveling with some of the best and brightest minds from around the world. Odds are you’ll have plenty in common and make some of the best friends of your life.

What Kind Of Social Events Does TAP Provide?

Links to some of our social events can be found on here!

Do People From The Program Hang Out Together?

For sure! TAP throws all kinds of social and professional development events designed to help you meet as many people as you can. As you travel together, most people wind up forming some of the deepest and most meaningful friendships of their lives.

What Sets Your Program Apart?

Because we focus on connections and building your network, we value peer to peer engagement above all else. You will join exclusive facebook groups, slack channels, and group chats to keep the trip and connections alive.